For the assignments, we offer an option to use Terminal for developing and testing your implementations. Notice that we’re not using the main site but a subdomain which has been assigned specifically for this class. Terminal is an online computing platform that allows us to access pre-configured command line environments. Note that, it’s not required to use Terminal for your assignments; however, it might make life easier with all the required dependencies and development toolkits configured for you.

This tutorial lists the necessary steps of working on the assignments using Terminal. First of all, sign up your own account. Log in Terminal with the account that you have just created.

For each assignment, we will provide you a link to a shared terminal snapshot. These snapshots are pre-configured command line environments with the starter code, where you can write your implementations and execute the code.

Here’s an example of what a snapshot page looked like for an assignment in 2015:

Yours will look similar. Click the “Start” button on the lower right corner. This will clone the shared snapshot to your own account. Now you should be able to find the terminal under the My Terminals tab.

Yours will look similar. You are all set! To work on the assignments, click the link to your terminal (shown in the red box in the above image). This link will open up the user interface layer over an AWS machine. It will look something similar to this:

We have set up the Jupyter Notebook and other dependencies in the terminal. Launch a new console window with the small + sign (if you don’t already have one), navigate around and look for the assignment folder and code. Launch a Jupyer notebook and work on the assignment. If your’re a student enrolled in the class you will submit your assignment through Coursework:

For more information about Terminal, check out the FAQ page.

Important Note: the usage of Terminal is charged on an hourly rate based on the instance type. A medium type instance costs $0.124 per hour. If you are enrolled in the class email Serena Yeung ( to request Terminal credits. We will send you $3 the first time around, and you can request more funds on a rolling basis when you run out. Please be responsible with the funds we allocate you.